Completed in 2019, this  4 x 9 meter ceramic composition made of waterjet-cut ceramic tiles was created for the new Zakaria Education Centre in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. The original composition came from the 14th century Bou Inania madrasa in Meknes, Morocco. I changed the scale and the colours with the aim of making a composition that is traditional and contemporary in equal measure.
Steel security screens made for a client in London. Made-to-measure, cut by machine and professionally painted.
During the pandemic, I wrote another book, on Islamic architecture. Twenty months later, it is finished and due for publication in April 2023, the provisional title is Islamic Architecture: A World History. Published, once again, by Thames & Hudson. Over 350 photographs and dozens of illustrations give a global overview of Islamic architecture, including sub-Saharan Africa, South America, South-East Asia, and featuring buildings and details up to the 21st century.